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Hello Everyone,

We're on Week 44 of Life Book 2016 - I can't believe it's nearly over! There were two lessons this week. This one was with the lovely Lisa Viger, who created a piece called "I am Worthy of Spinach"! Lisa encouraged us to think about and celebrate things we love and enjoy and to believe that we are worthy of them. She divided the page into sections, filled each box with sketches, doodles and words to show important things in her life, and then added colour to the inked outlines to finish it off.

Mine is a slightly different take on the idea - the "I am worthy" didn't quite sing to me, so I decided to record all the things which are important in my life and which make me happy, and set it out like a page in a catalogue, or a shop window ...

I am very much enjoyed doodling with words just lately - seems to be I want to write all over everything I do at the moment :o)

Thanks for visiting me today, have a happy and creative week and I'll see you again soon.

Annie xxx


Helen Wallace said…
You've done it again Annie! Sitting here with my mouth open in amazement! This is a delight to unpack and discover all the little hidden gems. It must have taken hours and hours. Fantastic Art.
Lizzy Hill said…
Stunning. Keep writing. It suits you and your arty farty style for certain! And I'd be like you worthy...nah. I KNOW I'm worthy....enjoy, love, appreciate, feel good about. YUP! I'd go there too:):)
Yay, I don't have to wait for the unveil! Loving how each colourful section makes up your page! A joy to look at! I wanted to do this lesson, but haven't got around to it yet having been bitten by the "altering" bug lately. I do want to include this lesson in my book though, so I'll have a go later. You've inspired me to start on it! perhaps I'll lump it together with this week's class.
I noticed this when I was round earlier but had to go out so I'm back now to tell you how much I love this. It's brilliant. Happy crafting, Angela x
Val-Belle said…
WOW that is fabulous. I have been playing with doodling but NOTHING like yours... I have loved seeing all your different works of art this year. What are you going to do next year :D Can't wait to see. I hope you have framed this and hung it up where you can see it :D