Gilding the Lily

HI Everyone,

I've just caught up with the second bonus lesson for week 45 of Life Book 2016, in which the wonderful Faith Evans-Sills inspired us to paint and doodle on fallen autumn leaves. It did occur to me that it could be kind of gilding the lily to decorate these already-beautiful things, but then I thought, "Why not?! They're just lying there on the ground, why not have fun, enjoy them, be inspired by their shapes and colours ... " It was also really interesting to work on a completely different surface and I found that the Posca acrylic paint pens worked really well.

Here's how mine turned out ...

Faith suggested making them into a banner, or hanging them on a wall, and I thought they could make an unusual greetings card too, but in the end I wanted them to be included in my Life Book, so I stuck them to a page with heavy gel. Not something I would ever have thought of doing before, but I love how it turned out :o)

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon.

Annie Xxxx


Helen Wallace said…
Good heavens! Who would have thought it possible to use Poscas on real live leaves! You are amazing :D
It's a great idea to stick them in your LifeBook. They look great all in a bunch. I thought of using mine in collages and perhaps include a picture of them in my LifeBook. Will see - part of the fun is to discover the possibilities!
Val-Belle said…
Well I think that this is a wonderful idea. I agree they just lie there rotting away so why not make them beautiful. This would also make a stunning wreath Annie. I love this idea and they look like a pile of stunning feathers.