Finding Magic - Wanderlust Week 2

Hi Everyone,

For week two of Wanderlust 2017 we had a lesson with the wonderful Mary Wangerin, who encouraged us to let go and enjoy ourselves, without worrying about the outcome. She showed us how to build up layers of colour, pattern and texture, enjoying each stage of the process but not getting too attached to a particular part, then creating a focal point and adding a quote.

Here's how mine turned out ...

It looks completely different from Mary's of course, but I followed the same stages, only leaving out the paper collaging as I just didn't fancy that bit for some reason, although the dragonfly was cut from a napkin. Mine was mostly done with Golden Fluid Acrylics, which I love because of their intense pigments and translucency.

I used the same Roald Dahl quote as Mary as I thought it was perfect and added a definition of "letting go" from an old dictionary for good measure. 

Although it's week two, I think this is an ideal first page in my home-made Wanderlust 2017 art journal ...

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Loving your layers, Annie! I used a dragonfly motif cut from a napkin too! It was interesting to see how everyone interpreted this lesson differently. I think that's the sign of a good lesson when it leaves room for our own individual interpretation!
Lizzy Hill said…
Looking great! I like how you sort of interpret and alter the process to what you feel is right for YOU! Good on you; neat quote, too:):)