Hello Wander Lust!!

Hi everyone,

The year ahead is full of arty-farty promise and I can't wait to get started. One thing I have been hugely looking forward to is Wander Lust 2017, and I was not to be disappointed when the first video lessons with Kasia and Jamie were released on Friday.

First, Jamie talked us through all the supplies we'll be using throughout this year of online classes, with lots of practical tips and advice. Then, Kasia showed us how to make our first art journal page, focusing on a statement of our intent for this year. Here's mine ...

Kasia used acrylic paint mixed with gel medium and collaged images printed from the internet, stamping her statement onto the background with black ink. She encouraged us to be inspired by, but not to copy, her piece - to put our own spin on the lesson, by using our own ideas, supplies and favourite colours.

I definitely went my own way, going off on a couple of unexpected tangents inspired by the images I used - the wonderful Alice illustrations by John Tenniel and a photo of trees which I found on Pexels, a great site full of free-to-use images.

The idea was to create a background for the statement, but I ended up putting more emphasis on the images, because I was having so much fun with them! I loved the way Kasia used paint to blend the collaged images into the page, making some edges disappear and accentuating others. I got carried away, extending the images out into the page by using ink pens to add roots to the trees, colour and shadow to the Alice illustrations.

My statement is handwritten in black pencil and sums up what I want from my arty-farty adventures this year:

"Just do it ... enjoy the journey ... try something new ... be curioser ... explore ... play ... GROW and LEARN ... always follow your dreams".

I can't wait to see what Kasia and Jamie have in store for us next :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog today, see you again soon!

Annie xxx


Hi Annie, great journal pages. I am hoping to do more journaling myself this year amongst other things! Have a lovely crafty weekend, Angela xXx
Although I've lost a LifeBook buddy, I gained a Wanderlust friend! Yay! Loving this page Annie - I've only just posted mine. I was also inspired by many aspects of this lesson - thanks for that link to the images - I'll book mark it. It's so hard to find copyright free images! Happy Sunday - or what's left of it! xx
Helen Wallace said…
Oh gorgeous work Annie - you are brave to use Alice as your model - that story always scared me as a child. Thanks for the link to free images too, I shall make note of it. Good luck with the rest of the videos, you've made a fantastic start.
Lizzy Hill said…
Looks fabulous, Annie! You've started tremendously.... love your images and it sounds like a good plan for your coming creative year :):)