Obsessed with Miniatures!!

Hi Everyone,

Well I just can't get enough of these miniature room kits from China - I've made four already and ordered some more. NO idea where they are going to go, I don't have room to display them - I just can't stop!! :o) I will probably finish them  off with the acrylic casings and give them to friends and relatives to use as novelty nightlights as they have tiny LED lights inside - so cute when they're all lit up! Here are all the ones I've finished so far ...

The first one was the smallest and this last one the largest. My next project is going to be a caravan wooHOOOO!!! It looks amazing in the pictures and so far I've found these are better IRL.

Word of warning though about buying stuff like this from China - most of these kits are around £10-£12, so they're under the value where you are liable to pay VAT etc., but the caravan was £35-ish, so I've had a bill from Parcel Force for VAT and handling charge, which has added a massive £23 to the total EEEEEK!! I wouldn't have paid that much for it, £35 was a bit of a stretch really. But hey, I'll enjoy it thoroughly and learn my lesson. I believe the limit is up to £15 or £39 for gifts, so I'll only buy stuff for less than £15 from now on :o)

Thanks for dropping in to see what I'm up to today, see you again soon!!

Annie xxx


These are sooooo cute! I can see how they can be addictive! I used to be addicted to buying Lego for my son, even though he seldom played with it - I wanted it for me LOL! We had some huge sets that I enjoyed building, my son played with it once or twice and then they were just gathering dust and taking up space. Luckily I was able to sell them at a good price on eBay. The Black Pearl pirate ship cost me £80 to buy and sold it for £150 because it was so rare. I love anything with lights in them - you're right, these would make lovely night lamps. You could keep them and build them into a whole house if the elements fit together. That would be so cool!

I've burnt my fingers with international shipping as well. I think they add the postage to the value of the item too. I bought a set of pens from the US a few year ago that were just under the £15 limit, but because of the postage it went over and I had to pay £22 on top of it! And then I found out they sent me the wrong item! I was not happy, but I got a refund from the seller. I'm very careful these days. There are two US companies that sell art products on Amazon and they seem ok. I think they might have a European distribution centre because I never had to pay tax, even on items over £15.

Enjoy your caravan - can't wait to see it!
Lizzy Hill said…
These are totally adorable- I can see why you're hooked!!!!
Val-Belle said…
We have the same problem with shipping here.. and we are at about 16 - 1 to the pound so it costs us dearly for anything :(.. These look like such fun and the detail in them all is incredible. Way to go Annie... if you enjoy it don't stop.