Hi everyone,

Have you discovered Querkles yet?! They're another take on the colouring book craze that shows no signs of abating yet I'm glad to say.

My good friend Trina gave me a Querkles book for Christmas and I LOVE it, because although the image is already there, it's kind of hiding, and you have lots of scope for creativity in how you choose to complete it. Here's one of my faves so far ...

Jim Morrison - black ink
When you first look at the page, all you can see is an apparently meaningless mass of overlapping circles - it's almost impossible to make out a face, let alone decide whose face it is. As you work, a familiar face starts to emerge and once you start it's really difficult to stop!

Each overlapping section is numbered 1 - 5 and you need to fill them in with five different tonal values in whichever medium you choose. So, for the one above, I used a black drawing pen, filling in the sections with solid colouring, scribbling, cross-hatching, lining and dotting to achieve the different tonal values.

We all thought the one below was going to be Elvis until I was about half way though ...

Audrey Hepburn - monotone coloured pencil

... when he morphed into the lovely Audrey Hepburn. This one was done in five shades of purple and grey coloured pencils. You'll see I've made myself a little key of the five shades at the top RHS, which really helps.

And for this one I was going for more realistic skin tones ...

Nelson Mandela - realistic skin tones coloured pencils

Now I have the hang of it, I'm going to experiment with some more unusual colour combinations. It's really quite addictive :o)

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon!

Annie xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
Hah! Never seen this before.... how fascinating....looks like you're having fun. I was given a colouring book a couple of Christmas's ago & feel ashamed to say I've not started colouring one single page..... ooops!!!
Wow, these are incredible! Never heard of it but I will sure look it up! Those faces are totally recognizable!