Rags to Riches the Sequel

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update on my recycled T-shirt project. So far, I have transformed my manky old T (which wasn't good enough for the charity shop) into this useful ... errmmm .... potholder!!

I still have all of these to cut up and play with ...

The fabric produced by double/treble crocheting the "yarn" is firm but flexible and fairly dense. I think it would make good rugs, bags and little baskets ... watch this space!!

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
Looking good! I was thinking it might be good for a dog's rug, too...and cushions would look way cool. I remember reading the Little House on The Prairie series where they made circular floor rugs from old material.... so that way different colours, textures etc just blended in as you went around and around..... I've always wanted to have a go at them....