WOYWW #406 - scrapping scrapping scrapping!!

Hello Fellow Deskers and Bloggy Friends,

I'm scheduling this to post itself tomorrow whilst I'm at work - hopefully the lovely Zsuzsa from Inky Dinky Doodle will link me up over at Julia's Stamping Ground and I'll pop over later to catch up with everyone. All welcome - why not join in, show us What's On Your Workdesk this Wednesday and have a good old snoop around some fascinating creative spaces all over the world.

Here's my, not-so-fascinating workdesk as it was this afternoon ...

... I've been in a bit of a scrapping frenzy this last week or so, having a go at multiple challenges in the run-up to Go Go Getaway in a couple of weeks woooHOOO!! Been looking forward to it for SO long, but realised that I've been so obsessed with mixed media and miniatures recently that my scrapping muscles needed a serious work-out. So all other arty-farty pursuits have been shoved to one side in favour of scrapping over the last couple of weeks. Above you can see my latest effort in the throes of being thrown together.

Ironically, you can also see my habitual black coffee just six inches away from my melatonin gellies - which I take at night because I have trouble sleeping .... :o)

Thanks for popping in to see me today, I'll catch up with all my visitors over the next couple of days - it may take me until the weekend but I will get there eventually and see what everyone's been up to!

See you at Julia's :o)

Annie xx


Looks like your scrapping muscles are in pretty good shape now, Annie! I don't think I could drink black coffee - like the milky stuff too much. Must look into those melatonin thingies - I've got trouble sleeping too! It must be an age thing. Happy scarpping! I haven't been able to do anything in the past week, so have to skip WOYWW for the first time in months. TTFN, zsuzsa xx
Bubbles said…
Your scrapping muscles seem well defined and up-to-par to me :) I'm the same with the coffee on my desk... the trouble is, I'm up to about 30 cups a day now (no wonder I have trouble sleeping lol)

Have a wonderful Wednesday :)
Bubbles #11
glitterandglue said…
Morning Annie. A lot of fun in preparation for the big event!! Training is always useful!! Love the page you are working on.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #5
sandra de said…
Gorgeous LO and I also have trouble sleeping and didn't even know melatonin gellies existed. Must have a look on the web to see if they ship to OZ. Have great week.
sandra de @21
Sarah Brennan said…
Well you look as if your scrapping muscles have been given a good work out. I'm a sucker for Coconut latte at the moment. Don't know what I'll do when it's no longer available. Sarah #25
shazsilverwolf said…
Hi Annie, lovely layout. You said the magic word- coffee! I need to go make one now, lol.Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 XxXx
I also go through faces of the types of art projects I'll work on. There are so many mediums and techniques, and so little time. LOL! Enjoy your scrapbooking. Blessings!
Sharon said…
I've been trying to get some of my photos scrapbooked or put into journals of some kind. I want to be one of those organised people!

Sharon K #31
Unknown said…
Your transition to scrapping looks complete by the evidence on the desk, bon courage with the challenge... dx 13
Lindart said…
Scrapping Frenzy _ can see the paper bits flying, the scissors snipping and the glue stick swiping! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #39
Julia Dunnit said…
Well if you're a bit rusty at scrapping it ain't showing! love the look of the LO. GoGo will be such fun, I can totally feel your excitement!
I took the plunge and went decaf over a year ago. Took about a fortnight to get over it.....and I haven't looked back. No one who visits can tell that they're drinking decaf, I sleep much better (takes less time to go off, dreams aren't nearly so vivid), my blood pressure is improved and I can't remember the last time I had a headache. Interesting aren't I?!!
You drink black coffee at night because you can't sleep! I would have though it was the coffee that keeps you awake Lol! I drink decaf but and seem okay but my husband can't drink any coffee after about 6.00 in the evening or he just can't sleep. I have always believed that a warm milky drink can help. Happy belated woyww, Angela x19x
Dorlene Durham said…
Your scrapbook page looks great. Even though I've seen where people combine artsy with scrapbooking, I have a hard doing it. Have a great week. Dorlene #36
Val-Belle said…
So nice to see you scrapping again. Although I do love all your arty stuff I do miss seeing your layouts. You are so busy I don't know how you do it. I was really hoping that I would get to see you when I was in London but we just ran out of time. Hubby is coming back again in June. He is going to Goodwood Speed or something. I am trying to persuade him to let me come too just so I can catch up with some friends. I can't do it when he is around... Take care Annie and thank you for your sweet comments on my blog <3