Courage to Continue

Hello everyone,

It's a fabulous sunshiny May Bank Holiday Weekend here in my part of the world. Yesterday we had a family BBQ and the garden was full of squealing grandchildren playing in the paddling pool - and guess who couldn't resist getting in with them?! :o)

Tomorrow, we're off for a few days in Notts and Derbyshire, staying in a couple of places along the way and visiting lots of National Trust sites. I'm all packed and ready, so I have this afternoon to play in my room - planning to finish my latest miniature room box and start on a new AJ page.

Here's my latest page, from a class with the amazing Dyan Reaveley for Week 17 of Wanderlust...

Dyan was inspired by this wonderful quote from Winston Churchill; "Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts."

This is a great motivational quote for life in general, but it can also be related to our arty-farty endeavours. Whilst showing us how to use inks and acrylic paints to create the background for this piece, Dyan encouraged us to keep going and never be afraid to experiment. Success is something to build on, we shouldn't stop because we're afraid of spoiling what we've already done. Failure is something to learn from, then cover up with another layer and move on.

Speaking of which - I've just spotted my mis-quote, so I will need to go back in and rectify that, and although I love the vivid colours, I really thnk the whole thing needs some more black, and maybe some drippage ... hmmm ...

I hope you're having fun wherever you are today and thanks for taking the time to check out my blog - see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Helen Wallace said…
Have a wonderful time away - the National trust visits sound fascinating. Love your arty farty page with the bold colours and the dramatic black. I've never heard that quote from old Winston and it makes a perfect whole of life mantra. I may just appropriate for a spot of encouragement in my craft room.
Awesome page, Annie - loving that background and the inspirational quote! Just popping in to see if you had a WOYWW post to link. I continue to be AWOL, falling hopelessly behind with my classes but I hope to be back soon - or if not soon then eventually, LOL!
Val-Belle said…
Great quote and lovely AJ page. Love the silhouettes. The colours are so vibrant. Have a great break. So many lovely little places to see and explore in the UK. Sounds like you are having fabulous weather too :D