Patchwork Playtime

Hi everyone,

We had a lovely week away in Derbyshire and Notts - lots of sunshine, interesting places to see and delicious food to eat - perfect!

But we also love to come home to our little cottage in Norfolk and of course I couldn't wait to get into my craft room and play :o) Yesterday I caught up with week 19 of Wanderlust 2017 - this was a class with the wonderful Kate Crane.

Here's my finished AJ page ...

Kate showed us how to create a patchwork of squares and rectangles, gradually building up layers and treating each little square as a separate area, but bringing them all together to form a cohesive composition. She encouraged us to just have fun, play and experiment - and this format did make it really easy to do just that.

I decided to add the black "suture lines" to mine for a bit more definition against all the bright colours. This was such an enjoyable and easy process, I think I may try another one in a really grungy style next ....

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Helen Wallace said…
Your little holiday sounded perfect and I can relate to wanting to get into creating immediately when returning home. Love your explorations off the beaten track into all sorts of art, it makes me wish I had another 50 years to continue playing.
This looks lovely, Annie! Its got a homespun feel to it - almost like a quilt! You've really put your stamp on it - and I don't mean rubber stamp LOL! I'm planning to do this lesson next - I've already watched the video and my hands are itching!
Val-Belle said…
Oh wow this looks like a real patchwork... so much love goes into your little works of art. Love the colours and the layers. Beautiful Annie. Glad you had a great break away. Always lovely to get back to your crafty space. :D