Beautiful Boho Beads from Fabric Scraps

Hello Bloggy Friends,

What a bright and beautiful morning it is here in Norfolk UK, I hope you are having a happy day wherever you are in the world :o)

I treated myself to a lovely long cotton summer dress a couple of weeks ago and, because I am a little vertically challenged at 5' 2", I had to take a good 5" off the bottom. The piece I cut off didn't go to waste, as I used it to fashion some straps (my strapless days are a dim and distant memory, I need sturdy upholstery these days!) - but I still ended up with some small scraps, which I was about to chuck in the bin, when inspiration struck me ... I remembered some YT vids I've been watching showing how to turn fabric scraps into beads.

So, I sat in the garden with some glue and a barbecue stick, winding the scrap around to create beads and finishing some of them with bits of lace. Result - a necklace to match my new dress ...

Some of the clever people on YT make much more elaborate ones than these, with beads and fibres added, and all kinds of colours and textures. I will definitely have another go, as I have a mountain of fabrics, beads and fibres which I'm sure would work and it really was very easy to do - the kind of thing I could take to our monthly crafty session and do whilst yakking and drinking coffee :o)

Thanks for visitng me today, see you again soon!

Annie xxx


Val-Belle said…
Annie that is a beautiful necklace.. You are so clever it just blows my mind.. You look lovely <3
Helen Wallace said…
Oh gosh; that looks "just like a bought one", as my Grandies would say. How pretty in blue and white. Had a chuckle about you needing sturdy upholstery these days. Yep, I surely can relate to that. Getting ready for a scrappy day with my cobbers tomorrow, so must plan a few projects. Although sometimes we chat more than we create!