Teeny People on a Big Adventure

Hi Bloggy Friends,

Hope you are having a happy weekend wherever you are in the world - it's sunshine and showers again here, but I'm hoping to do some more sorting in my garage today, perhaps discover some more forgotten treasures.

My day started well, when the postman brought me a package from China (crafty goodies) and a little envelope from my kind friend Karen, who sent me these REALLY teeny people ...

They must be 24th scale I think (I put a biro there to give an idea of their size) and I have no idea where Karen got them - maybe they're for architects's models or miniature railway scenes??

Anyway, all kinds of possibilities await them - my favourite idea at the moment is to create tiny worlds for them in unexpected places ... what would YOU do with them?

Thanks for visiting today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


you have shared amazing piece of art, i am really impresed from your work, i wish i possessed these creative skills, appericiated.keep it up,good luck for future.