Snap Snap SNAP!!

Hello everyone,

Well, so much for my Big Plans to spend loads of time in my craft room, capturing my memories of beautiful Poland in various arty farty formats - in fact, I've hardly had any crafty time at all over the last couple of weeks, and when there has been time I've been getting that thing where you just can't decide what you want to do, so you get sucked into YouTube instead.

On Saturday I met up with some of my artyfarty friends for our monthly crafty day. I took along loads of scrapping stuff and more of my Big Plans but apparently forgot to pack my Mojo ... we were there from 9.30 until 4pm and I just about managed to finish one scrapbook page!

I started with this fabulous sketch from Laura Whitaker at Stuck?! Sketches (always love Laura's sketches) ...

And I had loads of lovely papers and embellies to play with, plus some photos of Yours Truly on a Greek Islands holiday around 25 years ago (eeek!!) ...

There is a new challenge for October over at GoGoGetaway which I wanted to have a go at. This month we had an Elements Challenge set by Essie -

 I cheated a bit with the watercolour - used a splash stamp set with some chalk ink to fake watercolour splashes. My plan was use a gorgeous stamp set with little newspaper printed origami boats - to include the text print and something from the sea - but it just didn't look right. I reckon the print on the various ephemera is kinda text print and I suddenly remembered the little teal-painted wooden octopus which I've been hoarding for years, so I added that when I got home. Four layers was the easiest part, as I love loads of layers anyway, and it was no problem to tear some of the papers. So I don't know why this page was SUCH a struggle for me - very peculiar - but anyway I was happy with it in the end :o)

Right now as I type this sitting at my dining table, I am surrounded by the necessaries for not one but FOUR different projects!!! Collage, crochet, my most recent Wanderlust effort and two miniature kits in waiting .... which to do??!: And that's without even thinking about the many UFOs in my craft room. Bit I can't seem to focus on one of them.This is my problem - too many ideas, too much stuff, not enough spare time :o)

What do YOU do when you feel like this? Is it just me?!

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon :o)

Annie xxx


Val-Belle said…
Yeah I think my mojo is off awol too and I am trying to stay away from my computer it is such a time waster if you are not careful but I do love watching the crafty videos.
Love your take on Laura's sketch. I am hoping to play too. Such fun pics too.
Helen Wallace said…
A great take on the sketch Annie and thanks for playing along with Stuck?! Sketches! Lovely to see you when you were a mere slip of a gal, way back when. What am I saying, it was only a wink and a blink ago!. Mmmmm I often meet my cobbers for a day scrap and only achieve one layout. But the day includes personal counselling and therapy, as well as numerous cuppas and tasty morsels to snack on. I always have a tidy when Mojo does a bunk - she's often lurking at the bottom of the deepest pile of rubbish. x
Yvette said…
Fabulous take on the sketch! Thanks for playing along with us at Stuck?!Sketches!
Laura Creates said…
Such a great take on the sketch, love your embellishing! Thank you for joining us at Stuck?! Sketches!