Theo's Theatre

Hello my bloggy friends,

It's another beautiful autumnal day here, and my Mojo still hasn't returned from her holidays yet.

I just don't feel "right" if I don't do something creative every day, I can't settle, it's like there's something important missing, but it's not something you can force is it? What to do then? The lovely Helen Wallace had a good suggestion - she always has a tidy-up when her mojo does a bunk. Having a good old sort-out in your craft room when you don't feel like doing anything else in there can work wonders - you may rediscover stuff you'd forgotten about, you may end up inspired and at the very least your room will be all lovely and ready for your Mojo's homecoming.

Another trick is to work on a project which doesn't require any thinking at all, but still feels creative and produces something you are happy with. Here's one I did a little while ago, after a trip to beautiful Lacock in Wiltshire with my girlies ...

All over Lacock, there were all kinds of things for sale - set up on little tables with an "honesty box", or just laid out on window-ledges with instructions to pop the money into the letterbox. There were gorgeous home-made treats, home-grown veg, old books and toys, hand-made souvenirs and all sorts. I was chuffed to bits to find not one but two pristine copies of this sweet book by Prue Theobalds, for only £1 each!!

The book is full of pop-out pieces which you assemble into a tiny theatre, complete with different backdrops a curtain which goes back and forth, and a collection of teddy-bear characters, costumes and props. It also includes a script for children to follow, with ideas and advice for making up your own stories. Just the thing for John's grandchildren I thought, and lots of fun to make up.

Here's a close-up of the cast ...

I actually glued the two copies together, to make it really sturdy, and used glue instead of just slotting together some of the pieces, bearing in mind that hopefully it would have to stand up to three youngsters' enthusiasm :o)

Lots of fun - and not requiring any Mojo whatsoever!

Thanks for popping in today and I hope you're having a happy and creative time wherever you are in the world.

Love Annie xxx


Helen Wallace said…
What a wonderful find in Lacock and I love the beautiful little theatre you created. I share your sense of something missing if I don't get the chance to create. Although sometimes the process is a struggle - I managed to wreck two pages today, by attempting to "Gild the lilly" something my Mother used to warn me against. Knowing when to stop has always been an issue for me. You might be able to tell me what deli paper is? I keep seeing it talked about in relation to gelli printing. Is it a waxed paper, or a baking paper or something else entirely? I seem to remember you mentioning it at one point. Good luck finding the elusive Mojo this week. x
Val-Belle said…
Love the little theatre and the puppets. What a fab find. You are so crafty <3
What a wonderful find Annie! I also find that sorting through my stuff helps get creativity flowing - and if not, at least I'll know where I stashed things. The other day I spend a whole hour looking for some hole reinforcers for a tag - it would have been easier to just buy the blooming things again LOL, which is something I have done in the past! Hope your mojo comes back soon. I've lost my class mojo and haven't created anything for Wanderlust or LifeBook for months - sometimes I just feel like smudging some paint around aimlessly! Hope to see you back on WOYWW soon! xx