CSI Case File #242 - Love This!

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've had time to join in with regular scrapping challenges, but CSI is still one of my favourites. There is a new twist starting this month, where you can choose either to investigate the scene yourself and draw your own inspiration, or follow the traditional clues to solve the case.

Here's Case File #242 ..

.... and here's my solution ...

Clues I followed -

Scheme: all five colours included.

Evidence: text pattern; textured paper; clothes peg and paperclip; leaves; tag; bird; ruler; string; fussy-cutting (you may particularly notice the window frames, which came from a very old CSI printable image I had been hoarding)

Testimony: I bottled out of handwriting straight on to my page, so wrote it on the back instead. 
It reads as follows, 

"This photograph was taken from our front door, after I'd walked home from work at the hospital early because of the snow. The whole world was muffled and quiet and put me in mind of the saying 'there's nothing so quiet as softly falling snow'. It was a wonderful feeling to close the door to our cosy cottage, shutting out the world outside."

These weren't colours I would have chosen to work with, and I think everything I used was old stash, but I really enjoyed this challenge and it helped me to rediscover my missing mojo! :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog today and see you again soon! 

Annie xxx


Debbi Tehrani said…
Annie, I love this, and how awesome do these colors look with a snowy picture! I never would've thought to use snow pics with this palette. Love all your little details, especially those garden tools! So happy you're playing with us!
Jacynthe said…
I know a lot of people bitch and complain about winter but, look at that freshly fallen snow, isn't it so pretty ! I love the "softly falling snow" quote. It is so true. I must keep it in mind to use on a future page.
Just like Debbi, I would not have thought of using those colours with a winter scene but, they certainly work. I love the clouds and snowflakes as embellishments. Also loving all the layers and the greenery peeking behind the photo. So nice having you join us again. TFS. ☺