WOYWW #454 - brighter days are coming

Hello Fellow Deskers and Bloggy Friends,

It's time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - well, it will be by the time this posts itself tomorrow when I'll be a work. I'll pop over to Julia's blog Stamping Ground later to catch up, say hello and see what everyone else has on their workdesks this week.

Here's mine ...

You can see that I've been doing more tidying - just look at all that space!! The messy cubbyhole top centre is actually organised chaos, I know what's there and can easily get to all of it, which means I may actually get around to using some of it :o) To the right is a new light which I've bought from Amazon as part of my plan to take better photos of my projects for posting. You can adjust the brightness and the colour temperature and it can also run on a battery so you don't have the annoying dangly wire.

On the actual desktop is a pile of stamped images waiting to be coloured in, and next to that my February Counterfeit Kit. The inspiration kit was "Weekend in Paris" from Noel Mignon. I've called my version "Happy Hour".

Ok, enough of my waffle, I'll see you at Julia's :o)

Love Annie xxx


Helen said…
Great tidy space! hope you get time to make it messy again soon... and good luck with the light! Helen #1
Neet said…
That lamp sounds interesting - you will have to keep us posted on results.
Love your desk - shows what you can get into a smallish area when I think of all the shelf space I have and how I cannot find anything.
Hugs, Neet 2 xx
Organized chaos is a good expression - mine is just chaos without the organized bit LOL! Love your lighting idea - I'm looking for a good daylight lamp at the mo, but haven't decided yet. Good lighting makes so much difference when taking photos. Have fun at work - I'll be off in a minute myself! Glad we're doing WOYWW at the same time this week! xx
Claire said…
Our days seem to flip between messy desk/tidy desk, don't they??
Happy WOYWW :)
no. 3
Sarah Brennan said…
I love how you've organised all those paints Annie and all within reach. The light looks interesting too as an alternative to a light box. Have a good week. Sarah #14
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Nice space! Its good when you have everything to hand, it really does make you use what resources you have. That light sounds a good buy, can it run on rechargeable batteries? That would be a long term help eh?
Hugs LLJ 12 xxx
You clever Vegemite cleaning up like that Annie, would you like to come to my place, I’ll even take you to the beach for a swim!! ;-) afterwards!!! Love your space,but do wonder why they made a dangly wire like that on such a lovely light.
Happy WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.x #16
Cheetarah said…
Lovely desk! And great idea to invest in lighting - I have a little lightbox where I photograph my pieces in and it does make a difference to get clear pictures. Have a wonderful week! xo Cheetarah #24
shazsilverwolf said…
Hi Annie, like your paint organisation. Moved mine the other day to a drawer in my desk- same purpose, if it's close to hand, I *may* remember to use them,lol.Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #15 XxX
Anonymous said…
Happy WOYWW. A great tidy, but productive, desk. I am in mid-reorganisation of my craft room, after hubby offered me another table (how could I refuse?!). It hasn't been brought upstairs yet, but I have made the space for it by moving some storage. Now, I want to go through the entire room and get it clearer. All I need is the energy. Ali x #30
Latane Barton said…
Everything is so organized!!
glitterandglue said…
Hi Annie. Looks like you are incredibly busy with lots going on there on your neat and tidy desk! Well done.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #4
Heather M said…
Hi Annie. Looks like quite a few of us are tidying and re-organizing our craft spaces! I like the lamp, and battery operated sounds good. Have a lovely week Heather #13
okienurse said…
I like that term...organized chaos...used that term today when hubby decided he would venture into my stash room. Look forward to seeing the color images. Vickie #39
That is one fancy lamp,enjoy,Vicky#7
Hi Annie, very organised desk and like the look of that new lamp, very useful. Have a lovely belated WOYWW, Angela x20x
Julia Dunnit said…
Cor, it looks great! Love the look of the new light, although it scared me at first, lots of buttons! I am admiring of the counterfeit kit thing, I never manage to put anything together that works when I use it! Happy colouring, nice work for a relaxing session at the desk.