It's All About the Layers

Hello everyone,

This weekend I've been mostly obsessed with finishing a page in my art journal inspired by a lesson with Marlene Meijer-van Niekerk for week 11 of Wanderlust 2018. Somehow I just couldn't stop until it was finished ...

Thing was, it was really difficult to know when it was in fact finished -  just kept adding layer upon layer of paint, pens and pencils until it felt kinda done. I loved Marlene's idea of layering the ladies so that you could see one through and behind another, and it was a great exercise in playing with colours.

I have no idea who these ladies are, but it feels like they're united in some way - maybe they're sisters, or friends, or layers of the same person .... hmmm .... what do you think?

Thanks for checking out my blog today, hope to see you again soon :o)

Love Annie xxx


Wow, wow, wow! This is wonderful, Annie! I haven't seen that lesson yet - but now I absolutely must! Your colours are so beautiful - I love everything about your page - truly dreamy! xx