Art Journal Summer School Week One

Hello lovely friends,

This year I signed up for Art Journal Summer School at Bloknote Academy. I've been having a great time dabbling in different techniques, styles and approaches and it's worked out especially well with the unusually sunshiney summer we've been enjoying here in the UK. It's been lovely to be able to sit outside to play and quite liberating to use only what is in my AJSS kit ...

I've been working in my home-made journal, which I made from a vintage children's book and watercolour paper. The lessons are very varied and inspiring and all reasonably short, so I'm finding that I dip in and out and keep coming back to work on a page some more when I have time.

Here are some of the pages I made during Week One, all still works in progress ...

I included some of the original book pages in my journal, because I just love the look of them.

We're into Week Three now - already half way through my AJSS adventure!

Thanks for checking out my blog today, see you again soon :o)

Love Annie xxx