AJSS - Taking the Scenic Route


Last week in Art Journal Summer School, Nathalie Kalbach encouraged us to create an art journal page inspired by a photo scavenger hunt, with each photo providing inspiration for a different element of the piece - colour, texture, lines, pattern, shapes, and words.

Here's my finished page ...

My photos were all taken in and around our own house and garden. Here they are if you would like to see them ...

First was colours - I love the colours in this china service which used to be my Granny's pride and joy. She would never have let it get this dusty!

Next came texture - this is the door to a long-disused "privy" in our garden. I love the different textures in the brick, the lichen growing over it, and the peeling paint.

For lines, I took this close-up of the beech tree in our garden.

These tiles live in my kitchen, for putting hot dishes on, but really because I just love them. I thought they would be perfect pattern inspiration.

This bee hotel outside the kitchen door also gave me inspiration for pattern and shapes - you can see that some bees have taken up residence this year and made little leaf doors, which makes me very happy :o)

For shapes, I took a picture of these variegated leaves which grown in a shady spot under the tree.

And finally, for words, I took my inspiration from one of my bookshelves and wrote all my journaling in vertical lines.

This was a really fun project which took me in directions I would never have thought of trying before.

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon!

Love Annie xxx


Helen Wallace said…
Thanks for sharing the inspiration photos Annie. I adore Granny's tea set, the bee hotel and the tiles. In fact, all the photos are inspiring and I love the finished product. Fabulous work. xo
You are an amazing artist Annie! The journal page is brilliant and the way you combined the inspiration is so clever. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx
That is just wonderful, Annie! I went back and forth between your artwork and your photos to discover the connection. Amazing the things you've found inspiration in - my personal favourite is the disused privy LOL - that texture added so much to your page!