AJSS Week Three - Parking Lot


Last week in Art Journal Summer School, Marieke challenged us to be inspired by the Parking Lot .... or by something that you wouldn't usually take pictures of when you are on holiday or visiting a new place.

I decided to create a page inspired by one of those billboards, where you can see layers and layers of old posters, which have been torn off and replaced over and over again, resulting in a fascinating accumulation of textures and colours, with lots of fragmented words in different fonts ...

These kinds of billboards have caught my eye many times, but I have never thought to take a photo, so I didn't have a reference. However, luckily for me, many other people have clearly had the same response, taken a picture and posted it online, so I was able to print off some images to give me some ideas.

I sketched the rough shapes and words in pencil, then used NeocolorII crayons to add colour, then went back in with a black Inktense pencil and white Aquarelle pencil to add definition and highlights, and finished off with some scribbling using my bog standard propelling pencil.

This is a theme I would like to come back to, when I have more time to play :o)

Thanks for checking out my blog today, see you again soon!

Love Annie xxx


Helen Wallace said…
When you find where the time to play app is hidden, can you let me know? Sure could some extra myself! Love where this arty challenge took you Annie.
This Art Journal School sounds really good. Another great piece, love it xXx