My First ScrawlR Box.

Hello my arty crafty friends,

This week, I got my first ScrawlR Box to play with and I thought you might like to have a peek inside. If you click on the link above, you can check out the contents of previous boxes.

Here's what I got in the September 2018 kit ...

I thought it was really good value for £15 including postage - if you add up the RRP for the separate items it's way over that amount - and I love how it's put together. This month, the theme is "Complete Blackout", so all the pens are black, but they are all different shades of black, with very different properties, so it was fun trying them out and mixing them all together.

Here's my very first experiment ...

The ScrawlR Box includes a challenge each month to inspire you - this time it was "Jazz Noir". As you can see I went completely off-piste, but that doesn't matter, it was just a starting-point.

Opening the box was very exciting :o) Here's how it comes, with coordinating tissue and a cute sticker ...

... and here you can see the entire contents of the box, including the matching sweetie - a black jack of course!

There are eight pens; a card which includes a detailed description of each pen and the monthly challenge; two sheets of really good quality cotton paper; a fun sticker; the sweetie; and last but definitely not least, a print of this wonderful piece by Polish artist Damian Rozanski.

Some of the pens were water-soluble and some weren't, and it was really interesting to find out how they would play together. I particularly enjoyed using water with two of the pens - one of them released a pinkish purple colour and another did this amazing dark teal thing when diluted with water. I used these to create a smooshed and splattered background, then used another pen to stamp some flower outlines, then a couple of the finer pens to refine the image and add scribbly texture ...

I should probably have called it a day there, but just couldn't stop, so I made this face which came out a bit weird, but it's just in my art journal, so that's ok ...

Here I used the pens to create the background and a kind of under-painting. I started adding details, got carried away and lost what'd done, then ended up using black and white Inktense pencils over the top. It's not great, but it was interesting to do, I learnt stuff and it has given me an idea ... which is of course the whole point really :o)

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon!

Love Annie xxx


Wow, Annie, these are invincible! Your "first attempt" is simply unbelievable and makes me a little jealous as I will never be able to produce anything remotely on the same level LOL! A great value box too - and you've definitely made the most of those simple supplies! I almost had a heart attack when I realised it was Wednesday and I forgot to check whether you did a WOYWW post - and it's now 10pm! I was relieved to find that you didn't have anything to link up although this post would have definitely been worth linking to amaze everyone else - and make them jealous too, no doubt! Maybe next week? I was just too busy with work to do anything else today - even though it was officially my day off - I have some deadlines coming up and a meeting tomorrow so I worked all day from home! See you soon! xx
Invincible? I meant incredible - darn spell check - although, invincible sounds great too!
Helen Wallace said…
You often blog about different and unusual products, techniques and artists. This post is no exception and I've had a good look around ScrawlR to see what I might need! Nothing really, as I'm no artist, but I do admire what you've created with one colour and basic supplies. I love the flowers you created and your faces always have "character". Inspirational work Annie. TFS
Super art journal pages and super goodies to play with! Always so good for the soul to create and play! ;-)