Wanderlust Week 12 and Free Collage Papers

Hi there,

I'm still loving Wanderlust 2019, dipping in and out of the lessons as time allows and the fancy takes me. Last month, the theme was "Rivers" and each teacher interpreted this in a very different way. For Week 12, Kasia inspired us to make a little concertina-type booklet made up of a variety of materials and then just let go and play with lots of different media to add texture and colour.

This was huge fun and I carried on tinkering with it over several days -  it was a great opportunity to try out loads of different media and see how they work together. Mine ended up grungier than I intended. It's difficult to get a picture because of the format, but this gives you some idea ...

Kasia encouraged us not to get too attached, as the idea is to use prompts to continue working on this project, so much of what we've already done will now be covered up. She suggested scanning the pages at this stage and printing off the images to use as collage papers, so I gave it a go and I was way more chuffed with the collage papers than the actual project :o)

My printer was running out of ink, so part way through the images went all purply-blue, which I thought looked really cool ...

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon! 

Love Annie xxx


Whoah, that's totally my kind of thing - I want to eat it! Amazing textures, Annie, and you can never get too grungy for my liking, hehe!
Helen Wallace said…
Playing catch up, after some time away Annie and what a gorgeous post to come home to! I like the idea of taking pics as you go along, but am not good at letting go of things achieved in the middle of the process. Something to work on!