Showing my Buttocks!!

Had a go at weaving willow over the Easter weekend with expert tuition from the lovely Emma of Willow Phoenix at Alby Crafts here in Norfolk UK. After a few happy hours sitting in the sunshine with some of my favourite crafting companions, we all had sore thumbs and aching arms, but also the satisfaction of producing something beautiful and useful to take home.

Here's mine (which is genuinely called a "buttocks basket") ...

Although my buttocks are not especially well-formed, I think you can see where it gets its name :o)

We used two different kinds of willow. They were both quite green and they were not stripped of the bark, so there was a lot of variation in the colours, which I loved.

In this one, you can see why my DH said it reminded him of the knickers we used to put over babies' nappies!

This is definitely something I would love to do more of when I have time. Three of my friends made beautiful berry baskets and another made a gorgeous lantern. I also love the idea of creating living willow structures for the garden - another one to add to my list for when I retire :o)