Folksy Cat

Week 29 of PYHAS was a lesson with the fabulous Lucy Brydon, who taught us how to paint a Folky Fox. I really love Lucy's foxes, but thought I would adapt slightly and do another little rendition of my old mate Archie.

Archie loved to sleep anywhere warm, so I have many many photos of him sleeping in strange places - in flower pots, on egg cartons, snuggled on top of a hot pizza and even curled around a saucepan on a lit gas ring! He had this way of staring you down with just the one eye if you dared to disturb him and I think I caught that in this painting ...
Mainly watercolour paint on cold-pressed watercolour paper, with details added with acrylic paint pens. I enjoyed everything about this lesson and learned a lot from it - my favourite part was probably the technique for creating the leaves with a watercolour brush, which was so addictive I had to force myself to stop.