All My Love, Wendy xx

 After a lesson with Maria Pace-Wynters as part of PYHaS 2020. 

Maria encouraged us to be inspired by Georgia O'Keefe and her beautiful flower paintings. I used acrylics and finished with coloured pencils. I tried really hard to emulate Georgia's flowers, failed miserably and ended up painting over them, but I love the large flowers as the background anyway.

My reference was a photograph of my mother when she was very young; she was "walking out" with my father at the time and I believe he took this picture. Apparently, they turned heads when walking together in Port Stewart in Ireland and she had long black hair down to her waist at that time. Mum had a passion for magnolias, which lasted all her life, so I tried to represent them here. It surprised me as I was working on this, how glimpses of myself, my sisters, my brother and other family members kept appearing, but maybe that's not so strange really. Across the bottom right hand corner I've traced a copy of the message which is on the back of the photo in Mum's distinctive handwriting, "All my love, Wendy xx".