Autumn Leaves Rediscovered

 Rediscovered whilst tidying my craft room - this watercolour painting I did as a practice years ago. It was shot down in flames by the teacher at the evening class I was going to at the time ("nice" but not proper watercolour technique and too controlled she said), so I shoved it back in my sketchbook out of sight at the time - but I quite like it now, though I'm sure I'd have the patience to do this now :o)

Years later, I have come back to watercolours. I love them because they're relatively inexpensive, portable and really fun to play with, now that I've learned to let them do their thing and enjoy the process. They're also great to combine with other media and these days I'm happy to break all the "rules" if the mood takes me!


Lunch Lady Jan said…
I think that’s gorgeous!! What did the teacher know...honestly..... I could happily live with that on my wall!
Hugs LLJ xxxx