Let's Face It Week Two - Mansfield Park

 The theme for this month is to be inspired by a novel, book or story. Angela Kennedy took a reference photo from a book of vintage pictures and showed us how to create a portrait, starting with a charcoal drawing, then using acrylic inks to add a wash of colour and shading, finishing with black and white charcoal or pastel to add more shading, details and highlights.

My first attempt ended up in the bin, so I had another go today and I'm much happier with the result. I have been listening to Mansfield Park by Jane Austen this week and this is how I imagine Fanny, the main character in the book ...

I really enjoyed using acrylic inks almost like watercolours over the charcoal sketch and then just picking up highlights and shadow with the pastel pencils. Sprinkling salt on the wet ink to add texture to her dress was fun as well. 


Helen Wallace said…
Gosh Annie, your artist talent is growing in leaps and bounds. This is truly beautiful.
This is incredible, Annie! I'm speechless - so well done! Are you sure you were not a professional portrait artist in your previous life LOL? Incidentally, Mansfield Park is one of the books I've been using for collage for years! Never read it though but have it on my Kindle - read all the other JA books.
Rushd Lady said…
You do eyes so well! I love this too. Reminds me of a Puritan girl. Looking at the thumbprint, I thought she had a cap on, like the Puritan women wore.