Little Pig-Dog

 Thought I'd have a go at another pet portrait - not something I'd ever tried before this year's PYH&S, which included several classes showing how to make animal portraits in very different styles and media. I enjoyed it much more than I expected to. 

Here's my latest effort, inspired by a cute photo my niece Bex posted on FB, showing her dog called "Pig". I've never met Pig, but I'm told she's a bit manic :) I hope I've caught her likeness and a bit of her crazy personality in this picture, using gouache and coloured pencils ...

I found it interesting that, although she is a black dog, I used only the tiniest touches of actual black - mostly it was indigo, burnt umber and white with some ochre and red.


I absolutely love your dog portrait. Black is so difficult, I never would have thought of using those colours. Now I am going to have look at some Pet portrait classes!.. Angela Kennedy sent me a link to one of her classes “Smile”. So many crafts to do and not enough energy to do them! I tried to comment here the other day and kept losing my comment and starting again till I gave up. No problem today x Angela #13 this week, x