PYHaS week 3 Brooding Beauty

For week 3 of Paint Your Heart and Soul we had a class with Pat Rios, who showed us how to use charcoals, erasers and ink to create a portrait. 

The reference photo we were working from was stunning, showing a beautiful girl in very striking light. I very much enjoyed the process of playing with lights and darks, exploring the different qualities of the different types of charcoal, erasing to find the highlights and creating even darker darks with deep black ink. Charcoal is fast becoming one of my favourite media.

Here's how mine ended up ...

I'm relishing every minute of my arty-farty journey so far this year and can't wait to see what's next. I have week two of PYHaS to go back to (chickened out at the time), then the next one on the list is week four of Wanderlust. In between the art classes I have several other projects on the go and ideas in the pipeline - and I do feel very lucky to have the time and space and supplies to play with :o)


Helen Wallace said…
Oh my goodness! Annie, your Art is so inspiring. I adore the sheen you've achieved on her skin. Incredible!