Wanderlust Week Five - Bring it ON!! Let's GO!

 Week Five of Wanderlust 2021, the start of another month, with a new theme - "Ephemera". The first lesson of each new month is always an art journal page with Kasia, to add to this year's Wanderlust Book.

This time, we started by creating a background with neutral ephemera, white and clear gesso. Then we chose more ephemera to add some colour and a focal image, more white and then clear gesso to seal and give a good base for mark-making with graphite, water-soluble pencil and pastels. 

Here's how mine turned out ...

Kasia finished with some cut-out words. I couldn't decide on wordage for mine at the time, but now I'm looking at it again, I think it reflects my feelings about the art challenge I've set myself this year - to be open to experiment, learn and have a go at everything. I'll find or type the words "Bring It ON!" and add them right in the centre.

I pulled out so much ephemera and was enjoying the collage process so much that I did another THREE pages, all very different. Here's another one ...

Although this one is a very different style, I think it also fits the theme of being bold, brave and ready for a challenge, so the words for this one will be "Let's GO!".

Next class is week five of Let's Face It - can't wait!! :o)


Helen Wallace said…
Whatever you're imbibing, I think I need a shot or two of it too! You must be delighted with your decision to take this course. Or maybe you had a budding artist inside all along just waiting for you to let her out! If I didn't have so many little Grand Girls Scrap books to attend to, I'd join you.