Wanderlust Week Two - Garden of Wishes

 Week Two of Wanderlust was a class with Laly Mille, who showed how to create a beautiful garden where the flowers represent our wishes for the coming year. 

We started with a splash of colour on the background, then did some writing over that, then added a collage layer using neutral-toned ephemera, colourful papers and floral images from magazines. We added lots of white paint/ink/gesso to blend the images and bring some cohesion and light and then threw in lots of colour and contrast with various media - I used alcohol inks, acrylic inks, gouache, coloured pencils and water-soluble crayons on mine. I dripped, splattered, scraped and sprayed, used brushes, palette knife and fingers and generally had a fun and messy time ...

The most important thing was to enjoying playing with all those colourful supplies and focus on positive thoughts for the year ahead. It certainly lifted my spirits and I enjoyed how the different floral images blended into the whole. 

I'm on a bit of a Jane Austen kick at the moment, so I chose this quote from her which I thought was perfect for this page. 


Helen Wallace said…
Oh so fresh and spring like with gorgeous colour blending. Love the translucent angel and the quote. Also learnt a new word "Verdure" love it!
So very pretty! I can see Laly's influence but you also managed to make it your own!