PYHaS Week Five - Nancy Drew

Week Five of Let's Face It was a lesson with Roselyn Pratt, who was inspired by illustrations of one of her favourite fictional characters, Nancy Drew. 

Working from a reference photo of Nancy Drew from the TV series, we started with a black background, sketched in the outline, then worked in heavy body acrylics, blocking in the main areas, before working on the finer details. I don't have many colours of heavy body acrylics, but it was an interesting challenge to mix the colours and tones I needed for skin, hair and the red top which Nancy is wearing. Roselyn showed us how to make a "wet palette", to keep the paint wet for longer. I made one out of a plastic tub, using it upside down, working on the lid then clipping the base back on as a cover to stop the paint from drying out between sessions. Two days later the leftover paint is still wet, so this worked brilliantly. 

The paper I was working on was only A5, which I found a bit too small, so that it all got a bit fiddly and fussy, but I'm happy enough with it in the end. I added some wording to give it the look of a book cover - though I have never read or watched Nancy Drew, so in fact I've no idea if this image works for that title or not :o)

Next one to work on is week five of PYHaS which came out yesterday, then week six of Wanderlust 2021 is due out tomorrow. Phew! It's quite a challenge keeping up with it, but it's so much fun, and if I keep it up I'll have a maHOOsive portfolio of work by the end of the year, which will be brilliant to look back through and remember what I've learned.