Wanderlust Week 6 - Lesson in Liberation

Week Six of Wanderlust 2021 was a class with Tiare Smith, who showed us how to create a playful background and paint a female figure in the foreground. Tiare encouraged us to let go and have fun and I really enjoyed myself. 

Here's my Wanton Whimsical Woman!

I started by applying different shades of blue and green acrylics with a palette knife, then some white gesso here and there. Mixing the same acrylics with gesso gave me some lighter shades to paint the foliage with. Tiare showed us how to use a black Stabilo All pencil to sketch the figure and the moon, which naturally created a shadow around the edges when activated by the paint. I used a different kind of water-soluble black pencil which worked just as well. 

After painting the figure and the moon, I used white acrylic to splatter some stars and finger paint the clouds, then went back in with a fine brush to add detail to the foliage and hair to finish it off.