Ode to Women #1 Frida Kahlo

Recently, Olga Furman hosted a brilliant challenge called Ode to Women - she provided photo references of 30 inspiring women from different walks of life, the idea being to complete 30 portraits in 30 days. There were five themes - Women Nurses; Women Artists; Women in Hats; Women Singers; Women in History. 

Frustratingly, I missed the start and only signed up in time for the last three themes, so I've had problems tracking down the ones I missed, but I'm going to do my best to complete the challenge my way and in my own time. I also want to work on portraits of men, so I've started collected interesting male faces to work on as well - I challenge myself to complete 60 portraits in 60 days (as I have just turned 60!). 

Here's the first one ...

This is Frida Kahlo as a young child, done in just 6B pencil on watercolour paper.  Here's the photo I worked from ...

Very interesting to see a picture of her as a child; she already had that distinctive look and a very serious and thoughtful expression for one so young. 


You've captured the likeness so well!