Ode to Women #4 - Carmen Mondragon

Still on my mission to catch up with the Ode to Women challenge created by Olga Furman - I'm very late to the party, but still enjoying myself even if I'm dancing all alone! Here's my #4 of 30 portraits, inspired by artist Carmen Mondragon (AKA Nahui Olin), who apparently had very striking green eyes ...

It's been fascinating to read about these artists - their lives, their work, their inspirations - very inspiring. 

I'm not at all happy with this. In fact, I started it a couple of weeks ago and abandoned it, then went back to it a couple of times trying to improve it - it wasn't bad as a charcoal sketch, then I decided to turn it into a painting with gouache, then went back in with coloured pencils and more charcoal. Then yesterday I decided to draw a line under it and move on :o) I might have another go at her later though, do something a bit more interesting with that wonderful face and those eyes! 

For #5 of my 30 portraits, I'm going to try Yayoi Kusama - that's going to be a very interesting challenge! 


Wow, amazing! Those eyes are indeed very striking! This challenge sounds very challenging to me!