Ode to Women #7

 Well, the week went a bit pear-shaped, so I'm slightly behind with my challenge and decided to make this a VERY quick one, using just a black brush pen and a few simple strokes.

This time our inspiration was Francoise Gilot, who was Picasso's muse and mother of his daughter Paloma, as well as being an artist in her own right. I wasn't too keen on the photo reference provided, so I worked from several pictures I found on line, and tried to imitate the style of one of Picasso's many portraits of her ...

I have one more artist to go - another version of Georgia O'Keeffe - and then I think we're on to nurses. I'm going to try and get two done today to catch up. Maybe I should do more quick ones like this, it's fun to see how much you can capture very quickly.