Ode to Women #11 - 1950s Nurse

My fourth portrait for this week catching up with the 30-day challenge originally set by Olga Furman. I couldn't find any information about the nurse in the photo reference for this one, but her uniform looks 1950's style to me and somehow I feel she's American, but I don't know why. I have a similar photo of my Mum, who was training to be a nurse at a children's hospital in London in the 50's - from what I've heard, nursing was even tougher then that it is now, but I think maybe nurses were treated with more respect in those days.

I went for the look of a colouring book, or maybe the style of a Ladybird book illustration - "When Janet grows up, she wants to be a Nurse. Janet likes to help Mummy in the kitchen. When John grows up, he wants to be a doctor. John likes to help Daddy in the garden." - our early reading books really were like that back in the 1960s!

Anyway, I just used black permanent marker and fineliner, then used watercolour paints to add some soft colours.