Ode to Women #13 - Aretha Franklin

Falling way behind with my thirty-day challenge now - I've had more pressing things to do over the last couple of weeks, so I've been missing my online art classes as well, but I'll enjoy catching up when I have more time. 

Anyway, we're on to inspiring women singers now and the first one I tried was Aretha Franklin ...

I just did a quick charcoal sketch of a piece of watercolour paper which already had some brushed off some paint from a previous project, so you can see the pink and orange coming through, which I like. Then I used pastel pencils in black and white to add darker tones and highlights, with a tiny bit of pink for her lips.

Next legend on my list is Diana Ross. Not surprisingly, I now have a soundtrack of some of my all-time favourite music running through my head :o)