Ode to Women #9 - Mary Eliza Mahoney

Continuing to catch up with the 30-day challenge originally set by Olga Furman -the theme for this week was women nurses and I'm posting them in chronological order. Mary Eliza Mahoney was born in 1845 and became the first African American licensed nurse ...

I didn't get a great likeness, but I did enjoy working with the Pan Pastes again - definitely my new favourite medium!


Rushd Lady said…
Lovely portrait. I had never heard of her. She was born before our American Civil War and I found her on Find-a-grave, another website I hang out at. I added her memorial to my "Persons of Color" virtual cemetery = https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/7633551/mary-eliza-mahoney
You might be interested -- I have a couple of biographies on my History Nut of Missouri blog of a missionary nurse by the name of Edna Thimes. She worked in Kenya, Africa for 20 years. And I have a biography of a doctor who invented quinine tablets for malaria.