I'm very much enjoying Paint Your Heart & Soul again this year, though I've fallen a bit behind at the moment. Week 16 with Emma Petitt was such an inspiration - I love her use of colour and the techniques she showed us and I particularly enjoyed the way she encouraged us to paint the hands HUGE instead of shying away from them. Although I copied Emma's composition completely, which I don't normally like to do, I still learned a lot and was very happy with my finished painting.

The whole process felt very relaxed and liberating from beginning to end. We started with a very bold and colourful underpainting, then went on to a charcoal sketch, then applied acrylic paints with large brushes in a very loose style, allowing parts of the underpainting to show through. I think I still need to work on the faces a bit, but I didn't want to get too fussy, so I may come back to that later.