This is Not a Book

Whenever I have an hour or so to play in my room just lately, I've been working on another page in "This is Not a Book" by Keri Smith, who also wrote Wreck This Journal, which I really enjoyed - see a flick-through of my finished WTJ here

This new book is a bit different, and I'm finding it more of a challenge, but it's a lot of fun and I'm making up my own rules as I go along. Each page has a prompt, such as "This is an Impermanent Object" or "This is a Thought Garden".

Here's the page I completed yesterday, This is a Challenge ...

It's very liberating to work in these books - because they're just a bit of fun, the paper is rubbish, it's not meant to be a work of art, there's no pressure, it's just playtime and it's quick. There's a playlist on my YouTube channel called This is Not a Book where I'll be putting all my process videos as I work through this book - check it out and maybe you'll want to have a go at one of these little books too and see what you can do with it :o)