Deborah Beads Unboxing - July

I have two subscriptions to monthly boxes from Deborah Beads - the Kit Box and the Bead Box. I just couldn't decide which to get and as they're only a fiver each incl P&P, I decided that I didn't need to choose, I would just have both :D

The Kit Box gives you everything you need to make a specific set (this month it was a necklace and earrings), including nice clear instructions - but of course you can do your own thing and I usually go off-piste a bit. The Bead Box gives you a themed collection of beads and findings to challenge your creativity and build up your stash. I usually end up throwing in a couple of odds and ends from my stash (I love buying old jewellery from charity shops and breaking it up to remake into something new) and there's plenty to make several pieces of jewellery. 

Here's a link to my unboxing video on You Tube ...

After drooling over the contents, I tend to start with the Kit Box to get me warmed up, then I move on to the Bead Box when I have a little more time and after I've mulled over some ideas for a couple of days. 

I love both boxes in different ways. The Kit Box is very relaxing, as you can just follow the instructions and you don't have to think about it too much, but I always learn something new and get a kick out of making something wearable. The Bead Box is definitely more of a challenge, but it's very satisfying to get creative with the collection of ingredients which Debbie puts together. 

Here's another You Tube video where I'm putting the Kit Box together ...

I'm not an earring wearer, so I used extra beads on the pendant instead. It was interesting learning how to attach wired beads to a chain and I do like the end result. Hoping to make some time to play with the Bead Box later today - watch this space ...

Thanks for popping in, see you again soon :)

Annie xx