Let's Face It Week 15 - Angela Kennedy

 Still trying to catch up with my online art classes - it's like a feast of inspiration which never ends, laid out before me like a buffet table which I can pick from at random, depending on my mood and how much time I have - this was a pretty quick one, as I only had an hour or two to spend. 

Week 15 was a lesson with Angela Kennedy. I love Angela's work, and her teaching style - she makes it look so easy and achievable. For this class, she showed how to use a combination of pencil, blending stump and watercolour paints to create a beautifully wistful girl. As always, mine came out more kind of sad and vaguely disappointed, but I really enjoyed the process and watching her come to life - I got especially carried away with the hair!

Here's a YT video of my process ...

The next class I want to try involves making a charcoal portrait and then tearing it up - watch this space!

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon. 

Annie xxx