Finger Puppet Portraits

 This week, Tom and I had a go at immortalising some of our TwitchTV friends, in the form of finger puppets. I think they turned out very cute, and we were especially proud of the accessories. Their bodies were made of scraps of fleece leftover from making full-size puppets, the arms are wired so that they're poseable, and their hair is made from combed-out knitting wool. They're about 8cm tall.

Private_Paula (aka PP) is wearing a Cradle of Filth T-shirt (cut from an old full-size one someone gave me) and headphones just like he wears when streaming (made from a piece of cable tie, some heat-shrink tube, felt, and sequins coloured black with a Sharpie). 

Zhorts is dressed as a train driver, not because he IS a train driver, but because he often streams train-related games. Also because we thought it would look cute. The glasses were made with wire and acetate and the whistle is a combination of a metal end-cap from my jewellery kit and a folded strip of brass sheet - both very fiddly to do but worth it in the end!

Next one on the list is going to be more challenging because he has close-cropped hair and beard, after that we may attempt to immortalise ourselves :)

Thanks for visiting today. 

Annie xxx


Rushd Lady said…
Very cute! Here's another thing we have in common. I've made puppets for Sunday School and VBS. I think I have an article on my blog about the props my husband and I made for a children's production at church. I made a huge paper-mache rock for it as well as the costumes. Hubby made most of the props.