Late-night Pan Pastel Painting - try, try and try again!

 These days, I often seem to end up squeezing in arty-farty time either late at night or early in the morning - life has been hectic recently, but if I don't get even just a tiny bit of crafty time in I feel all out of sorts, so I fit it in where I can. Anyway, maybe that's why this painting was SUCH a struggle - I was a bit tired when I started so maybe not quite firing on all cylinders! 

After watching last weeks LFI 2021 class with Jenny Manno, I couldn't wait to have a play with my Pan Pastels. I love them as much as Jenny does, but I have a LOT to learn. The first three attempts went in the bin, so I was a bit down, but I persevered and eventually produced something I was reasonably happy with. Here's a little film of the process - I've whittle many hours over several days down to about twenty minutes ...

It was an absolute joy to use the Pan Pastels with Pastel Mat paper - they're expensive, but the pastels will last for ages and the paper worked out around £2 a sheet, but it made the pastels so much more satisfying to work with that I think it was worth it. 

I forgot to take a photo, but will add one here when I get a minute :)

Thanks for popping in today. 

Annie xxx