Lights, Camera, Action!

I've been spending a lot of time with my son Tom recently, installing a new PC and camera set-up in my craft room, so that we can do a better job of streaming to TwitchTV and making my little crafty vids for YouTube.

It's been a very challenging process for me (LOTS to learn) and I couldn't have attempted it without Tom's expert help and advice. We built the PC from separate components, and even choosing the separate parts and making sure they would all work together was a baffling minefield to me. My main criteria were that it needed to fit on my desk, look nice in my craft room, and that I would be able to work it - I left all the technical side of things to Tom. I was very chuffed that, with his guidance, I was able to put some of the parts together myself, but I wouldn't have even known which part was which. There were a few technical hitches, but it's all set up and working now. I just need to find more time to play with it! :)

Here's a little film I posted on my YT channel, showing me playing in my room and making another page in my This is Not a Book - I've done a whole series of "Snotter Book" page process videos on there, but this is the first one using the new set-up. Hopefully, I'll get better ...

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon!

Annie xxx


Brilliant! You have your own recording studio now! very professional!