Mixed Media Quirky Face

 This week's lesson on Let's Face It 2021 was with Deb Weiers and I really really enjoyed it - I loved the way the quirky face grew around the one collaged eye and seemed to appear almost by accident. I followed Deb's process and choice of colours and media more than I usually do and I think as a result, my picture turned out quite similar to Deb's original piece - usually I go "off piste" and little more. Anyway, I'm very happy with how it turned out and will definitely try this approach again. Link to a video of the process on my YT channel if you would like to see how this strange face emerged. 

Here's the YT video - about four hours condensed down to less than 20 minutes ...

Thanks for visiting my blog today, see you again soon! :)

Annie xxx


It's much bigger than I imagined! How wonderfully weird and quirky!
Dee said…
Thanks so much for the speedy video, but detailed description! Love the dramatic result -- all from a magazine eye!! I can't wait to try this -- definitely out of the box for me!