Artful Lino Printing - first attempt.

When I signed up for an Artful subscription box in December, I got to choose my first box from previous months (after that, each box will be a complete surprise) and I went for the lino-cutting box, because it was something I'd never tried but always wanted to.

Fully prepared for my first attempt to be a bit disappointing and determined not to let that put me off, I waded in regardless, and in fact I was delighted with how it turned out ...

It needs work and I have a lot of practising to do, but for my first try, I was well chuffed and can't wait to do more. The Artful box included black and red inks, so I might add more colours later. I've also been and bought an inking tray, because I struggled to use the sheet of acetate provided in the kit.

The design was inspired by quince and is intended to become a valentine card for my DH. Quinces are an ancient symbol of love and they have a special significance for us because we had a quince bush in our first garden and I used to enjoy making jellies, jams and liqueurs with them. Also, the quince features in the poem about the Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear, which I might try to include in the finished card. I may try adding some more colour with a different medium ... 

If you would like to watch the process, click here for my YT video. Or here to see the unboxing of my first Artful box. 

Thanks for visiting today, see you again soon. 

Annie xo