Boho Bunting - new slow stitching project for 2022

Inspired by the gorgeous Scrap Bags from Bazaar, I've decided that my new slow-stitching project is going to be Boho Bunting. I plan to make one pennant a week for around three months (or maybe longer if I'm really enjoying myself) and then I can hang it in my craft room. 

To make things easier on myself, I've come up with a basic "recipe", with five pennant shapes, five applique shapes and five easy steps - just to give me a starting point for each piece. Here is the first one I made last week ...

Everything I need fits into a small bag, so it's a very simple and portable project - and very relaxing to do while I sit and binge-watch something or listen to an audio book. 

If you would like to watch my process, here's a link to the Boho Bunting playlist on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for popping in to see me today, see you again soon. 

Annie xo


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