Boho Bunting - Second Pennant Finished!

 Loving this new slow-stitching project, inspired by the gorgeous reclaimed fabrics I got from Bazaar. Here's the second pennant all done and ready to hang ...

The embroidery on the left is all simple straight stitches, chains and lazy daisies, just following the pattern that was already printed on to the silk. On the right side, it was french knots and tiny fat cross stitches. The strip up the middle was a piece of sari ribbon and the spiral motif was in one of the Bazaar scrap bags, I just embellished it with more running stitch and couching, using different weights of thread for variety. The finishing touch was to add some tiny brass beads around the bottom edge - they also came in one of the scrap bags.

The plan is to make one pennant each week and I've come up with a Basic Recipe to get me started - to watch my process, click here to check out my YouTube channel. Next week I'm thinking it's time for a triangular pennant and maybe a home-made tassel.

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon :)

Annie xo